Rule of 26

Strategy Session

Get expert advise in a one-to-one with 20-year digital marketing veteran, Michael Buzinski.

Limited slots are available, so grab your opportunity now!

Let's Simplify Website Marketing

No BS, no sales pitch, nothing to buy. Just an honest look at your company's current situation as it pertains to your website marketing.

We will answer the following questions in our 45 minute complimentary session.

  • Where can you source higher quality traffic to your website.

  • How to increase your website conversion rate?

  • How to use your website to filter unqualified prospects?

  • How to transform your website from a line item expense to a profit source?


Company Served


Company Served


Company Served


Company Served

Michael will bring his 20+ years of digital marketing experience to your session with actionable advice by the end of the meeting. His only goal here is to help you make the best decisions for your company when it comes to investing in digital advertising.

There is no pitch and nothing to buy in this call.